11 Dec, 2016

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 white label social media    alternative online community

 The future is the multi-directional communication 

 Social networks are booming — and not just Facebook and the others. Thousands of great communities have been created over the past few years, filling up the holes that the giants has created.

Businesses are also building brands, creating loyalty and discovering valuable intelligence on what customers want and expect. And they’re earning from it.
Give your partners space to communicate to its customers : it stops being a place where people go when they need to make a purchase. It becomes a pillar of the community, the only place where people go when they want to buy something related to their interests.

FirmFace offers professional companies, entrepreneurs and experts communication, presentation and information opportunities which has not been available in it's profession so far. Our system provides a wide, safe and easy-to-use surface for professional communication, forwarding information and building relations in the field of your area of expertise.
FirmFace is for rent on yearly basis. The system-parameters ( f.e.: user-access, avuilability, news-publishing, file-uploads, design-elements etc. ) are vary according to the customer's request – please ask for details. 

 alternative-online-community                              white-label-social-media

FirmFace  :  social-media, directory and marketing platform

builded for specialists and specialized companies of your business  


FirmFace is a "white-label" ready-to use platform to build your own online community. It could be used as an extranet, intranet or mixed network. The system will be uploaded and started on your own server under your own domain – on this way you own all of your content and member data. The size of your community is depend on the storagy capacity only.

FirmFace is not a basic application – it is a complex solution for people who will build its own brand of social-media together with many useful built-in accessories like social-ad with statictics, special-search, pin-board and so on.

FirmFace will running on your server – under the 7/24 non-stop technical control of our personal – you should take care of the content-moderators only.




Organizations with members ( like group of doctors, small companies of a country, group of specialists – who will share informations )
Group of people ( with the same interest like horse-lovers, travel-fans, golf-fans, bicycle-lovers and so on )
Group of companies ( on the same business-area like green-technologies, metall-processing, companies who use the same technologie )






build network  -  share information  –  find contacts  –  build directory  –  build business


 Privat Social Media



 Immediate start : our specialists will install the system to your server – then it will be immediately ready to use - so you can focus on crafting your new community.

 Please note : the whole system is suitable for mobile acces - except this start-page.

FirmFace is avliable in the following languages : Catalan (Spain), Danish (Denmark), Dutch (Netherlands). English (United kingdom), French (France), Galician (Greenland), Galician (Spain), German (Germany), Hungarian (Hungary), Italian (Italy), Norwegian (Norway), Polish (Poland), Portuguese (Brazil) , Russian (Russian federation), Serbian (Latin), Slovak (Slovakia), Spanish (Spain) , Swedish (Sweden), Turkish (Turkey), Ukrainian (Ukraine), Vietnamese (Viet nam) Multi-lingual site for special order.




 Privat Social Media


The future is the multi-directional communication

Between business partners, companies and professionals  

FirmFace offers professional companies, entrepreneurs and experts communication, presentation and information opportunities which has not been available in their profession so far.




 Privat Social Media

 Full control and easy management

Your administrators and moderators controls allow you to oversee all the going-ons in your site, whether that be the groups, events, blogs, news or presentations. You control who can add content, what that content can be and when it can be added. You can even set it so that any new content requires your approval, before it can be viewed by other members of your site. Reviewing existing content is easy, and you can assign new moderators at any time as your site grows.

 Privat Social Media


What are the needs of your partners ? 

Communication, publicity, information 



 Privat Social Media



FrimFace is fully responsive - for any type of device used

Near social-activity,  members can upload their latest marketing materials and can find their next business partner



 Privat Social Media


Continuosly controlled user Experience

The continued operation monitored by an independent external company



    Privat Social Media

Highlighted services

Ad Campaigns

You can monetize your social network with our advanced ad campaigns that gives you full control to who can view each specific ad based on the requested informations at registration.
Your members can easily create ads using our advanced ad designer and you get full control how much ads cost based on different locations on your site.

( more informations : please check in as "demo" and click "Social-Ads Features" )


Classified ads for site members with custom categories, prices and photos. Social ads : similar as Facebook or other social-media sites : on-line ad management for members, with statistics. Social targeting under registration-data. Short-time free-ad's for members : photo-based advertismenets-flow on the top of the site.


Rich-text articles posting by members. Members can upload and/or edit short-news ( the size of the text and pirure are limited )


Upload, crop and manage multiple profile avatars and select active avatar.


Design of the site can be varied within certain limits.


All members can create and manage events, with dates, attendants, photos, updates, and invitations of other members, Report, invitations and own activity stream.


Collect, select and approve feedback messages from site members and publish it on the site.


Upload, share, manage and publish various files, documents and media for download.


Invitation of friends, labelling as friends. Can be turned off.


Create and manage groups, open or closed, with admins, members, forums, social features, photos and other media.


FirmFace is avilable in 12 languages. Please ask for details.


In the ground system two kind of memberships are avilable : free and paid memberships. Optional data request at registration : persons or institutions or both - vary according to the customer's request. All details and the members-access are variable.

More info




Basic text messenger for quick communication. Displayed in member menu and always handy.


Members can upload, edit, delete short-news ( the size of the text and pirure are limited ) Last 10 updated short-news are visible near the activity stream.


Avilable, in the demo are turned off. Members can notify each other

Page Access Control

Full accsses for owner, setup content, navigation and blocks visibility, moderate and manage all data and information inside of the site.


Connect your payment gateways to collect payments. Automatic invoice generator and membership control. Invoice in pdf, coupon-code and tax support.

The most popular payment gateways: Paypal, Authoroize.net, Eway, Worldpay and Offline payment plugins come with FirmFace by default

Other payment gateways such as 2Checkout, Authorize.net SIM (Server integration method) ,Google Checkout, First Data, iDEAL Mollie are released and avilable upon rquest. If you need a payment gateway which is not supported, you can contact us and we will give you quotation for the development


Upload, browse and share photos. Albums, multiple upload, categories, privacy controls, and more. For profile : avatar and background photo - format


Upload presentation files in pdf format. Last updated presentations are visible near the activity stream.

Profile Customiser

Personalisation of member profiles - custom backgrounds, fonts and avatars. Upload background picture. 


Simple and advanced search for the whole site. Simple search for activity stream, simple and advanced search for the memebr's area.

Social Media

Direct access of knowed social medias as Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter are avilable.


Upload and share sound files. With categories and social sharing features.


Upload, record and share videos both with profile or under the activity stream. Built-in converter, social features, categories and privacy controls.